Critical Pedagogy for Music Education developed by Frank Abrahams

Lesson Plan Model


Who We Are Engaging Musical Imagination 1 Honoring Their World
Teacher engages the students in problem solving by creating an experience that presents a need to know.
Experiencing Music (6, 7) Exposition
2 Sharing the Experience
Students and their teacher process the experience. They share feelings and reflect.
Who They May Become Engaging Musical Intelligence 3 Connecting Their World to the Concept
Teacher connects the experience using comparable concepts from the other arts, culture, or student out of school experiences.
Connecting Music (8, 9) Development
4 Dialoguing Together
Teacher presents the lesson content. Students gather the evidence they need to solve the problem.
5 Practicing the Concept
Teacher provides students with an opportunity to practice the content. A homework assignment or quiz might be included at this step.
Who We Might Become Together Engaging Musical Creativity 6 Connecting Word to World
Teacher invites students to find alternative solutions and new ways to use the information presented. Students have the opportunity to create something new.
Creating Music (3, 4, 5) Improvisation
7 Assessing Transformation
Students and their teacher reflect and evaluate the work completed. An assessment rubric may be applied at this step.
Engaging Musical Celebration through Performance 8 Acknowledging Transformation
Students and their teacher celebrate the new learning through presentation, exhibition or other form of demonstration.
Performing Music (1, 2) Recapitulation